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True American steakhouse

After re-design at 2016 the Buffalo restaurant got unique american-style design. The dominaiting factor of the interior is surely open cookery led by our Chef Jaroslav Kortiš. Guests have unique opportunity to watch how our skilled cooks prepare their dishes. Together with steaks from czech farms we offer also exotic meat, burgers and many other specialities. We always care about the freshness and quality of all ingredients which are used by our chefs to prepare a plate full of different flavors and colors.

Rezervace stolu v restauraci Buffalo v Brně

American Steakhouse

Our Menu


180g Bacon Burger
home-made butter bun filled with minced beef meat, Cheddar cheese, bacon, salad leaves, tomato slices, pickles, red onion, tomato salsa, BBQ sauce served with corn on the cob, onion ring and Coleslaw salad
200g American Burger
home-made butter bun filled with pulled beef meat in Buffalo marinade, roasted rocket, pickles, onion chutney, Chipotle mayonnaise and BBQ sauce served with corn on the cob, onion ring and Coleslaw salad
Buffalo Jalapeños Burger
home-made butter bun filled with minced buffalo meat, fried egg, jalapeños peppers, tomato slices, red onion, Guacamole salsa, roasted bacon mayonnaise served with corn on the cob, onion ring and Coleslaw salad

Buffalo House

600g Buffalo BBQ Ribs
245 Kč
pork ,,spare ribs” marinated in home-made BBQ marinade, decorated with grilled Chorizo salami served with Coleslaw salad, corn on the cob, BBQ sauce and roasted garlic-herb bread
500g Buffalo Grill Wings
199 Kč
grilled chicken wings marinated in home-made BBQ marinade served with corn on the cob, BBQ and blue cheese sauce
500g Roasted piglet knee
245 Kč
served with mustard, Coleslaw salad and roasted garlic-herb bread


700g Gold Chateaubriand Steak
2500 Kč
steak from beef tenderloin from Argentine cattle - Grass fed from Hereford breed coated in 24 carat gold slices
250g Steak Argentine
steak from beef sirloin marinated in argentine spices served with corn on the cob, green beans, champignons and fried egg with bacon
200g Ostrich Steak
steak from ostrich breast fillet served with grilled mango, cheese Quesadilla and onion chutney
200g Buffalo Steak
445 Kč
steak from buffalo ball tip - free breading Canada served with fried Jalapeño peppers filled with Cheddar cheese and with onion chutney
350g Beef Uruguay Rib Eye steak
425 Kč
Angus breed - Grain fed


350g US Greater Omaha salad
225 Kč
mix of salads and fresh vegetables, balsamic vinaigrette, sliced beef ball tip US Greater Omaha served with cheese Quesadilla
350g Caesar salad
175 Kč
romaine salad leaves with home-made anchovy dressing, grilled chicken pieces, bacon chips, home-made garlic crutons, shavings of parmesan
t-bone steak a tomahawk v Buffalo American Steakhouse Brno
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Hovězí steak - Buffalo american steakhouse
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Which meat to choose?

Top Quality

Meat from our suppliers in the USA, Australia and Uruguay carries the designation Grain fed, other from South America are designated Grass fed. Grass fed means that the cattle are fed exclusively with grass. Compared with that, Grain Fed, when the cattle is fed with corn and compound feed for 100 days before slaughter  has a higher rate of meat marbling.

vyzrálý t-bone steak v restauraci Buffalo American Steakhouse

T-bone Steak

T-Bone Steak and Porterhouse steaks are firstclass and highly valued cuts with bone, where tenderion and striploin parts are found. A combination of two delicate kinds of meat ranks them to the best that can be chosen from a wide range of steaks.

vuzrálý rib eye steak v restauraci Buffalo American Steakhouse

Beef Uruguay Rib Eye Steak

Rib Eye Steak is from the rib section. This is one of the best part of beef meat.

tomahawk steak v restauraci Buffalo American Steakhouse

Beef Tomahawk

Exclusive cut. Tomahawk was named after its appearance that resembles a traditional Indian axe. It is cut from the rib section just like Rib-eye steak. However, unlike Rib-eye steak the Tomahawk is left with the rib.

vyzrálý heart of rumpsteak v restauraci Buffalo American Steakhouse

Pork Tomahawk

Cutlet with bone with a light fat cover.

vyzrálý nízký roštěnec v restauraci Buffalo American Steakhouse

Beef Brazilian Striploin

The taste of the steak is made by the fat layer on the side and the distinctive marbling.

čerstvá hovězí svíčková v restauraci Buffalo American Steakhouse

Beef Argentine Sirloin

The finest and highest quality part of beef meat.

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